This article will show you the best sustainable way to manage your stress. Managing stress means still you are expecting to have some amount of stress in your mind. I propose not to manage stress but to eliminate stress from your life. It’s simple and only needs to understand the most straightforward way.

Let’s see ways to manage stress. If you suddenly get stacked or feel very bad or feel angry due to stress, you may stop all your works and close your eyes and concentrate on your body, if you can well focus on your body, you will feel pains inside your body(and head). when this feels, stay focusing on those pains for a few minutes. If you can wait about 5 minutes, pains will be over, and your mind also may come to the normal condition. I suggest you do it now by taking 5 minutes before read further.

Stressed man

There are many ways to have short term relaxation similar to the above method, and those are not sustainable for a longer time. Let’s see what the viable approach to free from stress is.

Let’s think Jhon has a bad quality relative to Emily. Most probably, Emily doesn’t know it is terrible. That’s why she is continuing that bad habit or quality. To get corrected, she should get a sense of whether it is good or bad. Until she gets to know that, she thinks it is a good thing. The same thing applies to everywhere in our lives. First, we should identify the problem to find solutions. Luckily now you have detected you are suffering from stress, and you want to get out of this mental loop with that first requirement to solve the problem that has been fulfilled. There is a simple universal method to solve any problem, and here you can find it in a few steps


Simple universal method to solve any problem

  1. Identify the problem (know you are suffering from stress)
  2. Stop all the works and close your eyes and find the exact root course(s) for the problem (why you are getting stressed/reason(s))
  3. Stop all the works and close your eyes and find the best solution to your problem (you may need some help from a third party)
  4. Practice in day to day life and monitor your mind (you may feel some comfortability)

Why I’m getting stressed?

So, as in the above steps, now, we should look at why I am getting stressed? If you take time and think, you will realize and say many reasons like too many responsibilities, too many works, spouse and could be many more reasons. But if you think correctly with a neutral mind, you will realize the exact cause. The reason is, you have to accept things you don’t like to accept. If you wish to be a busy person, doing a lot of works and having too many responsibilities will not be a stress for you. So now we know the root course for the stress. If you don’t agree with my argument, please take the time and think about it.

How to Manage your Stress

Then we have to find the solution for this root course we found. There are two possible solutions to be a stress-free person. First one is, you can stop doing what you don’t like, but in reality, it is not an easy task, why it is not easy? We have so many goals and expectations so, we can’t stop any of our works. Nature is we have to face more and more pains when we have more and more expectations.

If you can be a simple person with fewer goals, you will be a stress-free person. Achieving a goal is hard, and there is no happiness until you achieve your goal. But after meeting the goal, you will set up another goal, and you will work on that. Until our death, we will be in this loop. We do all the things to find happiness, but ultimately happiness is for a very short time, and stress and pain are the things we have to accept. So, being a simple person is an excellent way to be a stress-free person.

The second option is you should change your mind to accept things you don’t like. Knowing you have to accept these things because of your expectations. As the last thing, keep in mind, take time to monitor your mind, and don’t make any decision based on the first thing coming to your mind. Take time and think about whether it is right or not. Also, keep some time to practice meditation on a daily basis. Learn how to start meditation as beginners



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