According to today’s medicine, there are three types of diabetes as follows,

  1. Type 1 diabetes
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Gestational diabetes (diabetes while pregnant)

Also, there are other classifications which say about type 4 and 5 diabetes but still, this is the widely accepted classification for diabetes. apart from modern medicine according to the ayurvedic medicine originated from Indian traditional medicine, there are 20types of diabetes while 10 of them are considered as curable.

what is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough hormone called insulin, (type 1) Produced by beta cells found in the pancreas or else when body cells are restricted to insulin( type 2). The level of glucose in the bloodstream is controlled by insulin. (Insulin is a hormone needed to allow glucose to enter cells to produce energy) And lack of insulin results in nonequilibrium of blood glucose level which results in too high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) or too low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). in simple terms, people use word diabetes for both of the situations.

What is type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that causes insulin-producing beta cells destroyed by the immune system mistakenly. This results in a lack of insulin to sufficiently regulate blood glucose levels.

Is autoimmune curable?

In today’s medicine, there are no reliable medications for autoimmune. But still, there are traditional treatments for autoimmune with 80% guarantee Especially in the treatment methods calls “Hela” medicine which can be found in the Asian region. In past years US and German universities especially prof Lianal Mandy from California State University Long Beach conducting their research to find out this hidden technology. According to the basic findings of Hela medicine, The root cause for the autoimmune is due to liver damages. by having proper treatments for the liver, this autoimmune can be cured.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type two diabetes is, beta cells produce insulin effectively but the body is unable to use insulin effectively due to the cells of the body have resistant to the action of insulin. being overweight and being inactive for a longer period could be facts to develop type 2 but still, the actual root cause is unknown. Type 2is commonly found diabetes out of all three types of diabetes and the value is around 95%

Gestational diabetes 

Gestational diabetes is a condition that develops during pregnancy usually in the last 3 months and disappears after giving birth but in some cases, it can take a longer time to disappear in that case need to have treatments. maintaining body weight and maintaining good mental conditions will low down the risk for gestational diabetes.

However, there are western medicines and traditional medicines to cure these 3types of diabetes. please click here to read more about symptoms and treatments.


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