What is the best meditation for beginners?

First of all, you should know why you should do meditation and what you can gain from meditation. If you don’t have a clear idea, please click here to get an idea. If we have a delicate mind, we will be able to understand the nature of everything and will be able to address any complex problem in our lives. The delicate mind starts with good concentrating ability. Samadhi meditation is the best tool to improve the concentrating ability and it is the path for a delicate mind. According to the lord buddhas teachings, meditation can start with “Anapanasathi” meditation (breathing meditation) which belongs to “Samadhi meditation”. practicing meditation is not easy if you select the wrong technique as beginners.

Meditation Posture

If you are a beginner for meditation, you may not be aware of proper meditation postures. Before we start doing meditation, we need to relax our body; that’s why posture is essential. It is almost impossible to meditate with having physical pains. So choose a posture you are comfortable with. But it is better to use the following posture.

Meditation posture

Now let’s assume you are in the right posture, then close your eyes, and keep your body straight. Now try to concentrate on your body part by part. Observe whether you have pains in the head area? If yes, focus on the pain, and you can get relaxed your head by concentrating on the head; if you need, you can slightly open the mouth and check whether it helps to get out of the pain. Within the first few minutes, you will be able to get out of pain.

Practicing Meditation For Beginners

Now you are going to focus on breathing in and breathing out. Try to focus on the nose tip and see whether you can feel your breathing at the nose tip. Now keep only concentrate on breathing in and breathing out. The only thing you to do is, you should know, now I’m inhaling, and now I am exhaling. It’s just a sensation and don’t try to think or visualize. again, don’t try to think now I am inhaling, and now I am exhaling. If it further explains, you need to watch what is happening. Don’t try to think.

Initially, this may difficult for you, and your mind tends to go out, but it is natural. That’s nature, and the only thing you need to do is find some time for meditation every day. Some times this will take months, and when you continue to do this, at one point onward, you will not sense your breathing anymore. It is a good sign of your concentration. And try to stay a little bit more after you experience this, and this way, you can start your meditation. When you experience these things, you can find the next step on your own.

No one will stop doing meditation when experiences this situation. And happiness and everything you gain from meditation will last long, and if you wish to understand who you are, that understanding is the best thing that human can gain. If you are interested in this, find lord buddhas teachings. If you can visit Sri Lanka, you will be able to dig to the deep, and if you are going there to know those things, Sri Lankans will give all the stuff free. Accommodations, foods, and everything. Also, there are enough explanations you can find on youtube.



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