Commonly practiced meditation posture

Why practicing meditation is important?

Have you ever think off what is the meaning of our lives? We have defined goals and ambitions to be fulfilled, and we are working on them. When we achieve such goals, we will be happy. But until we fulfill our goal, we have to work hard with suffering and pains . some times it can be years or decades. At the point of achieving such goals, we become happy, and it’s only for a moment. After that, we are setting up new goals and continue to work on them. In our lives, we have suffered a lot more than being happy. you may agree with my argument, and don’t you need to come out of this suffering? The only way for this is meditation. Think about why we suffer? We are finding our happiness from outside (inside is ourselves). If it further explains, even we try to find happiness from traveling, its a materialistic happiness. It is not inner happiness and needs to have a lot of suffering to have small happiness. You are not born to suffer. Practicing meditation is important, at least today as beginners.

What is inner happiness?

Inner happiness or inner peace means being happy with no connection to this materialistic world. Usually, happiness is coming to our mind when we achieve something or when we think about something we like. This inner peace is something different than that. If you haven’t tried out correct meditation yet, you may not know what is inner peace, and it is impossible to explain to someone who didn’t experience meditation.

Where can you find correct meditation?

You can find correct meditation if you follow lord buddhas teachings about meditation. But you should have an independent screening mechanism to check whether your path is right or not. You may think that it is unnecessary because when you do meditation, you can feel some good things and a fresh mind than previous. But meditation is more than that, and returns are uncountable. Therefore always find the correct path. With the right meditation, you will be able to understand nature. You will be able to get solved all of your problems, and for sure, you will be able to find the next step of your meditation journey on your own.

Few advantages of practicing meditation

Good for physical and mental health
Improved concentration
Pleasant to everyone
Better inter-personal skills
Easy healing for diseases
Ability get accurate decisions
Ability to “Think big.”
Meditation is not effective if you follow the wrong technique and also if you are not practicing regularly. Please click here to get to know the right method for beginners. Also, you can follow Wikipedia to acquire in-depth knowledge about meditation.



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