According to the American Medical Association (AMA), the Acceptance rate for US medical schools is about 40%. Entering to a medical school is hard due to the higher demand. For the academic year of 2019-2020, the total number of applicants for allopathy medicine was 53371 while nearly having 20000 opportunities in 141 medical doctor programs. For the students who followed the science stream, the average GPA of 3.67 would be enough to get into medical school, while others have to obtain a GPA of 3.79. However, there are some less competitive medical colleges asking for a GPA of 3.2 or above. Broad knowledge in science required for medicine, but just getting into school can be even harder because medical school acceptance rates are comparatively low as 40%.

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Before you get into a busy life as a medical student and ultimately as a medical doctor, you should have a clear understanding of, how hard medical school is, how hard to complete medical school and how hard to work as a medical doctor.

Why you should become a doctor?

In order to proceed as a successful doctor, you should have a broad educational background. The medical doctor course is fully equipped with strategies and relevant content to develop relevant skills and to give relevant knowledge to work as a doctor. A doctor should have skills to figure out symptoms from the patient. To do this doctor should have good communication skills together with clinical knowledge. And good analytical skills are required to make the right decisions based on symptoms. Hence due to the requirement of developing the above skills, the course has become a bit hard. So, before you make the decision to enter medical school, you should know how hard in medical school as well.

How hard to work as a medical doctor?

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life of a medical doctor is a bit busy compared to jobs that can earn a similar amount. So, if you are looking at the earning aspect, your decision may need to rethink. Generally, a physician has to work 70 hours per week but the lifestyle of a doctor is depends on the specialized area of expertise, practice and his or her age. When a doctor becomes to his or her age of 40, they can come to a bit of comfort zone similar to other jobs. A doctor should have the following skills to perform their job.

  • Ability to work long hours
  • Communication skills
  • Accurate decision making
  • Good concentration ability
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Drive to continue learning
  • Good analytical skills

Doctors with the above skills perform better with a minimum level of stress. If you think you have the above skills and you have an interest in medicine, then your decision to be a doctor is a good choice. There is no other machine complicated than the human body. Doctors are the mechanics who are dealing with this complicated body, although they have no excuse for mistakes since anything, we do with the human body is not reversible.

What are the benefits of being a medical doctor?

If you are willing to work hard, like to work in a continuously changing and challenging enjoinment, medicine is the best option. How hard is medical school is not a problem because it is an achievable goal for anyone who likes to be a doctor if he or she have the above skills and kindness for people.

  1. Enormously satisfying job – All the people who would meet a doctor are suffering from anything. They are coming to find the answer(treatment) for their problem. Doctors are the people who can make them free from suffering. That means giving happiness. By making others happy, doctors enjoy their job, and it can’t be expressed by words. They see every day their positive progress, not only at the end of the treatments. There are very limited jobs that we can give happiness to others while earning good money.
  2. Good income – Average US doctor’s annual income is about $300,000. Specialists are earing even more while primary care doctors are earning more than $230,000.
  3. Job security – Most of the time, jobs are interconnected to one another. So, the area of expertly is limited even within the same field. But a medical doctor can perform any task within their medical field. Also, demand for the doctors is also high not only in the USA but all around the world except India. Therefore, if you are a doctor, no matter where are you. You don’t have to worry about the job because the human body is not changing one state to another.

It’s more than a job. A lot of responsibilities with zero possibility to make errors. Always have to work for others, and as a return, doctors have respect from society. If you are willing to see others’ happiness while having quality life for yourself, you are not going to let this goal lost, and you are no longer going to find how hard is medical school. Try to do your best at the moment to achieve future goals. But carefully look at your skills and think about your future ambitions.  

The road map to becoming a medical doctor

  1. Pre-medicine – BS or BA degree with a high GPA is required to eligible for medical school. This degree could be from a college or from a university to gain basic science and math knowledge.
  2. MCAT exam – Those who have earned a degree will be eligible for the MCAT exam, and this is the entrance qualification for medical college. You will take four years to complete up to this point
  3. Four years of education at a medical school. – First two years for the study of basic anatomy and other core subjects. And second two years to complete clinical medicine, hospital-based experience, office-based experience on a rotation basis. Also, this is the point to decide which area are you going to study further. In the final year, you will have to participate in the residency match.
  4. Residency program – This will take 3 to 9 years to complete. Graduated MDs are undergoing professional training under the supervision of qualified physicians. First-year of this training called an intern period. At this point, medical students should work the whole day in some cases. Usually, it is required to work 80 hours per week. Residency is paid like a job but under the supervision of a senior doctor. After completing residency, it is considered they are adequately trained for their speciality, and they are eligible for certification.
  5. Fellowships – This is optional for both surgical and medical doctors to get additional training in a speciality in their subcategories. This will take 2 – 3 years to complete.

Becoming a medical doctor is a long journey, and it takes 12 years minimum after completing secondary education. If you are willing to take the challenge to be a doctor, don’t mind how hard is medical school. Start the journey today, and get a good GPA.

Tips to get into medical school

  • Job shadow with doctors to acquire related experiences – Having realistic experience about the future job will be a definite advantage when you are applying for a medical school. Admission committees give attention to applicants who have an understanding of the role of the doctor.
  • Choose subjects in the university or college that will yield a competitive GPA – Since students are required to have high GPAs to eligible for medical school, you should concern about that before selecting your field of study and subjects.
  • Conduct research projects that demonstrate your science knowledge and analytical skills – Showing your skills with solid proof to the admission committee will gain plus points when you apply for the med-school.
  • Apply to a few more medical schools – According to the application details in 2019, one applicant has been applied for 17 medical schools on average.
  • Do extra-curricular activities – This will be a plus point and it will be a consideration in the selection criteria.
  • Study early for the MCAT exam – This will help you to get a good mark as well as to face the exam without un-necessary pressure.
  • Be ready to explain why you need to be a doctor – this is a turning point of any interview you will face. You have to give a clear and solid answer to this question.

If you are worried about how hard is medical school, the answer is, follow the above tips. Then you will be able to achieve your goal with less effort.

Tips to success at Med-school

From this point onwards, you will be realized that performing as a medical student is harder than getting into medical school. But if you follow these tips after you get selected, you will be easily faced to all the challenges within this 10years

  • Make friends as much as possible – Everything cannot grab alone. So, having good friends will make the path to learn as a group. And also, you will be able to ask for help when required. Also, you will not be depressed if you have good friends.
  • Be open-minded, accept challenges what you have to face – Don’t imagine the upcoming challenges. Only concentrate on the current moment. Identify your skills and select the field accordingly.
  • Practice meditation daily – This will take your life to the next level. The secret behind all the successful people in the world is meditation. Especially busy people need to practice meditation to manage the workload. Breathing meditation is the best meditation for beginners.
  • Eat healthily – It is essential to keep your body chemistry normal to be healthier and to keep mind clam.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others – We know that skills are different from person to person. Therefore, try to improve your skills from the current state and try to identify your best skills — no point in thinking about other’s talents.


In this article, we have answered your question of how hard is medical school. Hardness is depending on your skills and your willingness to work as a medical doctor. You have to decide whether you need to be a doctor or not after getting an idea about the doctor’s lifestyle. Also, consider your skills and expectations. If you feel you need to be a doctor, do a self-research on the topic “how hard is the medical school” and list down possible solutions for all the bottlenecks you have in order to get into the medical school. Then work on achieving your goal. Practice meditation as a habit. Get advises from relevant experts when you have any problem.


Q: What GPA do you need for med school?

A: For the students who followed the science stream, the average GPA of 3.67 would be enough to get into medical school, while others have to obtain a GPA of 3.79. However, there are some less competitive medical colleges asking for a GPA of 3.2 or above.

Q: What is the easiest medical school to get into in 2020?

A: It changes with the demand but following med schools required relatively low entry GPA. Following average entry GPAs in 2019 will give a sense on 2020 intake.

  1. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – GPA 3.5 or above
  2. American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine – GPA 3.5 or above
  3. American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine – GPA 3.5 or above
  4. University of North Dakota: School of Medicine and Health Sciences – GPA 3.5 or above
  5. Louisiana State University Health Shreveport – GPA 3.55 or above
  6. The University of South Dakota Medical School – GPA 3.6 or above

Q: What are the odds of getting into medical school?

A: For someone with a GPA of 3.0+ has a possibility of 50% to get selected for a Med school if the person has applied for 20 med schools. However, it depends on how you are going to face the interview and other relevant experiences that you have.

Q: Can an average student study medicine?

A: Yes, if you really like to be a medical doctor and if you have the courage to complete hard 4-6 years, then you will be able to complete your MD even you are an average student. Especially it is not essential to be highly analytical to be a medical doctor.

Q: Can you fail medical school?

A: Yes there is a possibility. Every year 5%of med students are failing out from US medical schools while having a 30% fail rate for graduate school. it is somewhat hard to get pass USMLE exams.

Q: Can I get into med school with a 3.0- GPA?

A: The minimum accepted GPS is 3.0. So, if your GPA is less than the required minimum, most probably you are not going to call for an interview.

Q: Is age matters for medical school?

A: There is no age limit for med schools. If you can bare the expenses and if you have required qualifications and skills to be a good physician then the age will not be a problem. But not like other professional qualifications, becoming an MD takes time.

Q: What is the hardest part of medical school?

A: You will have to put more effort into exams in the fourth year but usually 1st and 2nd years will be the hardest since you have to work with new terms. Also, the hardest part depends on your interest.


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