What is big picture thinking?

This is an ability that is related to the mind. Thinking big or big picture thinking is the best and successful way to understand a situation/problem or anything in the world that you sense from your eyes, ears, nose, mouth or the skin. If someone good at this, the person can get understand a situation or a problem exactly how it is. Attention to details while having the overall idea is the big picture thinking.

What are the examples?

Take a look at the following picture

A man holding an umbrella

Usually, people focus on the man who is holding an umbrella. But this picture has been taken in the winter season so we can see snow. And this is a picture of a junction. We can see traffic lights and a few vehicles here and three and a few other things. Being aware of every detail while taking the overall idea is the definition of big picture thinking, and the above example is just to show how thinking big is.

Who is good at thinking big?

Successful businessmen have well practised this special ability. This thinking pattern is the key to become successful in everything. Because you will only be able to get the right decisions only if you get the right idea of the situation. Not only the businessmen, all the people in top positions in any organization, And almost all the successful people in any field may have this ability.

Path to becoming a good thinker

Analytical skills and this ability are two different things. Analytical skill is about how much you good at being logical and finding theoretically optimum solutions. People who take time to think about “how the mind works” can find the path to become a good thinker. Any ability or skill is a result of your time and effort. So, you have to take time practice relevant activities. For this, you have to practice meditation which can make your mind calm.

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How human think?

How we identify things around us?

We know robots(or software) cant identify things if the manufacture hasn’t defined it by giving inputs. The same thing applies to the human mind. We cant identify anything which we haven’t sense before. as an example, we can identify colour by looking at a collection of colours. We are able to say that this is red and this is yellow. So, how we identify these colours? our parents have taught us, “this is red and this is yellow”. By that way, Our mind is capable of integrating all the things that we know and present it as one single thing with a known feeling. So, how this is related to the big picture thinking? You will find an answer here!

Big picture thinking and the human mind

It is clear that we can only think about what we are aware of. So, to be a broad thinker, we should be aware of many things. That means we have to broaden our knowledge limits. As a person, We can get limited inputs from our five sense within the time of life. So, our thinking ability is bounded to the number of inputs we have gained into the mind. And also it depends on the clearness of our mind because if our mind is not clear(has less concentration ability) we can’t analyse and save input memories at the right locations. When it happens the mind can’t access past data and can’t give a visualization. So, if someone is worried about big picture thinking, as the first lesson, the person should know how the human mind works. A good thinker should be able to observe carefully, analyze carefully and keep memories long-lasting way.


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