Is type 2 diabetes curable? What are the best treatments for diabetes?

Practising treatments for diabetes and effectsMetformin, Glibenclamide, Glimepiride, Glipizide are the practising treatments for diabetes, and these medicines are only capable of controlling the sugar level. These drugs can induce many side effects. Especially when considering pregnant women, the toxicity of Metformin can cause DNA damage...

Facts about type 1 & 2 diabetes

In simple terms, diabetes refers to high blood sugar. All the carbohydrates we eat convert to sugar(glucose), and glucose is the primary energy source for body cells. In the meantime, insulin is controlling this glucose level working as an authorized person. (we know, blood is the transportation medium for all these glucose,...

Three Types of Diabetes

According to today's medicine, there are three types of diabetes as follows,Type 1 diabetesType 2 diabetes Gestational diabetes (diabetes while pregnant)Also, there are other classifications which say about type 4 and 5 diabetes but still, this is the widely accepted classification...

Big Picture Thinking and it’s synonyms

It's about zooming out and understanding all

Manage your Stress

Managing stress means still you are expecting to have some amount of stress in your mind. I propose not to manage stress but to eliminate stress from your life.